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Yondale Kennels


{Introducing the Clancy Collection}..

Sterling Silver designs made by Clanc, with all proceeds lining his pocket.  Queries always welcome, with all orders being greatly appreciated and honoured.  ;)


The 'Clancy' Bracelet

Price: $125 (Bracelet price)
Length:  made to order

* Email Yondale Designs

{Notes:   Lovely bracelet with thick gauge jump rings, the featured larger ring is textured.  All rings are soldered.-}


Daisy Chain Bracelet

Price: $85
Length:  made to order

* Email Yondale Designs

{Notes:   Suitable for babies, Toddlers, even big girls.  Please provide an estimate of size when ordering, bracelet can be made with extender as shown in photo}
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