General Info..

Yondale Designs is not a big company, we are a home-based husband/wife team and have three children. We are located on the Darling Downs in the south-eastern corner of Queensland, Australia.

Family commitments come first (for Bronte), and farming/seasonal work come first (for Ross). We do try our best to have a quick turnaround with our products, but the majority of our designs are not simple pieces, ie. a quick stamp of a name and out in the post that day.

We do all stamping, soldering, and leatherwork/plaiting on–site here at Yondale Designs. We are very proud of the work that we accomplish here, and our designs that we offer.

We welcome queries on our products by email or telephone, and are happy to work to deadlines - within reason. Please note that occasions such as Valentines Day, Mothers Day, Fathers Day and Christmas generate a lot of interest/orders for our range of jewellery, and please bear this in mind when ordering. Our website will show the cut off dates for these occasions. Please include a contact telephone with any email queries.  Sometimes it is quicker if we can call you to finalise an order or just to answer your query.

Stamping Process..

Yondale Designs (Bronte) individually and personally hand-stamps each pendant, letter by letter. No two items will be alike due to this process. Letters may not be aligned perfectly like an engraved article, but this effect adds to the personalisation and quirkiness of hand-stamped jewellery. Note: when ordering a stamped item, the onus is on YOU to provide the correct spelling of the names to be stamped.

Please let us know your required font preference for your order. Sometimes your chosen font may not be possible due to space constraints on the design, but please trust our judgement in this instance if we suggest an alternative font.

Due to the stamping process, only one side of the pendants can be stamped as slight scuffing occurs underneath the pendant, however some pendants can be stamped on the reverse side. Please enquire if you wish any pendants stamped on the underside, and we will advise if this is possible.


Due to the personalisation of these products, items cannot be returned or exchanged. No refunds or exchanges are given if you decide to change your mind or are not happy with the end product upon receipt or viewing of same - once an item is stamped, it cannot be 'reused'. However, if a word is misspelled by us when stamping, we will redo the order. If you are after perfection with perfect alignment with stamping, see a Jeweller and look into purchasing an engraved item.  It stands to reason that as it is our work on display for everyone to see, we will not send a pendant out to you if we are not happy with it ourselves.


Sterling Silver: All tags, discs, pendants, fittings, and necklaces are made with 92.5% Sterling Silver. All leather necklaces are made from cowhide, and lacing featured in some designs incorporates beautifully soft Red American Deer hide. Our Strapped Bracelet and Stockman Bracelet range are made using Australian Kangaroo leather.

Gold-filled: Our gold-filled range of pendants is either 14ct or 18ct gold, layered over jeweller’s brass. Please note that this range of jewellery is a lovely item for the price, but in our opinion it is still a ‘plated’ product. We do not recommend ‘every day’ wear for this range of jewellery, and are not liable for any general wear or lack of durability of gold-fill jewellery over the lifetime of the product.

Gold-plated: Our LARGE openwork family trees are gold-plated.  PLEASE NOTE:  if you have a Nickel Allergy, this pendant contains traces of the product due to its manufacturing process.  The LARGE openwork family tree is the ONLY product we stock with this component.

9ct/White Gold/Rose Gold: We are gradually introducing precious metals into our stamped range of jewellery. These items are displayed and noted accordingly. There is a minimum three (3) week turnaround with our precious metal jewellery as these are custom made upon request.

Note:  We do not offer, nor have any interest in, silver plated charms, swarovski crystals or trinkets (other than the odd freshwater pearl or gemstone) with our stamped pendants.


Our Facebook page is www.facebook.com/yondaledesigns . You do not have to ‘be on Facebook’ to see our page. Go and have a look at our Facebook Page, check out the comments, trawl through the Photos, you might find something you like.  Primarily businesses have to pay now for their Facebook posts to be seen.  Please keep this in mind, put our page in your 'Favourites' and check back to keep our page if you use Facebook.

Facebook is the best way to find out if we are going to be at a market or venue near you at any time.  We use Facebook to show off new designs, challenges our beautiful customers are giving us, and to show product that we want to alert our followers about.

Please do not post your queries on our Facebook photos.  We do not get notified of these comments, time does not permit us to scan every photo album every day finding hidden questions on our products and we certainly cannot answer your questions if we are not aware of same.


Our Instagram page is  www.instagram.com/yondale  Please turn on notifications for our posts if you use this form of social media so you may be alerted when we have posted something new online.


The designs shown on our website are not limited to what you see - any combination is possible. Think outside the square, you are welcome to discuss possibilities or any ideas. Stamping is included in our product price.

'Layered' pendants remain quite popular. Please note with this layout and with any little trinkets hanging over the top of your pendant, surface scratching will eventually occur over time on the disc(s) underneath. Family Trees/Family Circle designs are classified as ‘Layered Pendants’.

We love working with quotes, and love words. INSPIRE US.

The lettering on stamped pendants is usually darkened (oxidised), however plain stamped pendants look pretty classy 'as is'. Again, this is personal preference. Lettering is not darkened on any gold-filled designs.

Jump rings will be soldered on sterling silver pendants where possible. We do not solder any pieces that incorporate gold-filled components.

Photographs on this website clearly display the layout of the designs. Comments/notes when added to the description of the photo, are the expressed opinions and thoughts of Yondale Designs, and should not be solely relied on when making your choice when purchasing any products herein.

Sizing of pendants .. As a rough guideline for Australia customers, 22mm = 10c piece / 25mm = 20c piece / 32mm = 50c piece.


Chains are not included in our pricing. We have a large range of chains available for purchase to accompany our pendants. We can also make up leather necklaces to size and can offer a large range of colours. Our range can be found on the Chains page.

Care of Jewellery..

A Polishing Pack is included with your Yondale Designs order which includes a Polishing Cloth and Polishing Pad.  Extra Polishing Packs can be purchased from Yondale Designs at any time for $12.00, inclusive of regular postage.

Silver will tarnish over time, there is no escaping this fact. Humidity, chemicals in the air, the acidity of a person's skin, perfume, etc will all tarnish silver. To keep your product tarnish free, keep it in an airtight plastic bag when not being worn. Please use the Polishing Pad (the little white square) included with your order to remove all tarnish, and then follow up with the polishing cloth. Please do not use any silver dip to clean your jewellery.

Some people will turn silver jewellery 'black' or make it tarnish very quickly.  This is out of our control, and is through no fault or part of Yondale Designs, ie. we will not give a refund if this occurs.

Cleaning of your Jewellery

We are happy to clean your Yondale Designs pendant for you at any time. Please contact us prior to sending it back so we know that it is being returned for this purpose. Please send the pendant registered post in a padded envelope so it can be tracked, and include a self-addressed stamped envelope for us to resend it back to you once cleaned.  Our charge for this service is $12.00 and you will receive a complimentary polishing kit with your returned pendant.

Gift Wrapping..

We now offer gift wrapping of our products (+ $10), and are more than happy to post directly to the recipient of your gift, with the payment receipt for the order being sent to you. 


All items are sent by Express Post within Australia by Australia Post ($10) unless Registered Post is requested ($10).
Express Post Platinum within Australia (Express Post with signature) is available for $20.
Pack and Track International Shipping is available for International Orders for $30 (AUD)
Shipping to New Zealand is $25 (AUD)

Completed Orders are lodged for delivery with our local Post Office, so our customers have a record that their order has been posted. The mail is then delivered overnight to Toowoomba for sorting. All registered and express mail is scanned upon presentation to the Post Office, hence the lodgment details on the Australia Post website. No mail though is trackable however until it reaches its destination or postal area, and the Australia Post website will show these updated details. There have been instances where Australia Post details show ‘in transit’ when the parcel has well and truly been delivered.  Naturally some rural destinations will be unable to show final delivery details.  To track your order, see www.auspost.com.au/track.

Once an item leaves Yondale Designs whether by Registered or Express Post, it is in the care and control of Australia Post, and Yondale Designs is not liable for any lost parcels, subsequent late delivery of orders, nor the subsequent replacement of same.

Note: It has been our experience that registered post to South Australia and Western Australia can take up to one (1) week to arrive at its destination.

If your order is late, please regularly check the tracking details on Australia Post, and make enquiries with your own Post Office initially before contacting Yondale Designs.


All orders must be pre-paid prior to commencement. Payment for orders can be made by direct deposit..

Bank: Commonwealth
BSB: 064427
Account No: 10040339
Account Name: R and B Harris Family Trust
Use surname as deposit reference.

or by telephoning Yondale Designs for a credit card payment. Please do not provide credit card details in any email.

Note: If you do provide your credit card details over the telephone, your card will only be debited just prior to commencing your order.


All pricing of products in this website are in Australian Dollars (AUD), include GST and are noted as a guideline only. The price of silver continues to fluctuate. We reserve the right to alter/increase our pricing accordingly without advertised notice herein.


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