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Leather Bracelets

Our range of Leather Bracelets are custom made to order by Yondale Designs.
Our Stockman/Stockmiss Bracelets are also plaited onsite by Bronte.
All rings, and fittings on our Leather Bracelets are Sterling Silver. 

Please advise an estimate of wrist size when placing your order.
Colours available.. Black, Dk Brown, Brown.


Yondale 'Strapped' Leather Bracelet (Sml./Ladies)

Price: $85
Size:  22mm

* Email Yondale Designs

{Font:  Stylish}

Yondale 'Strapped' Leather Bracelet (Med./Mens)

Price:  $95
Size: 25mm

* Email Yondale Designs

{Font:  Typewriter}

Yondale 'Totally Strapped'  Bracelet (Sml./Ladies)

Price:  $135
Washer Size:  22mm

* Email Yondale Designs

{Notes:  Cobblestone Heart beads are used to compliment design.  Plain Fine Silver beads also availble.  Font:  Papyrus}

Yondale 'Totally Strapped'  Bracelet (medium)

Price:  $145
Washer Size:  25mm

* Email Yondale Designs

{Notes:  Plain Fine Silver beads used, Cobblestone heart beads also available. Font:  Cruisy}

Yondale DELUXE 'Totally Strapped'  Bracelet

 {Font:  Typewriter Uppercase/Fine Silver Beads/Stamping undarkened}
* Email Yondale Designs

 {Font:  Cruisy Uppercase/Cobblestone Heart beads/Stamping darkened}
* Email Yondale Designs

Price:  $195
Washer Size:  32mm

* Email Yondale Designs (general query)

{Notes:  Gorgeous design, not suited for fine wrists. 

Yondale Golden Strap Bracelet

Price:  $140
Washer size:  25mm

* Email Yondale Designs

{Notes:  Sterling silver clasp/ends are used to secure Bracelet.  Font:  Cruisy Uppercase}

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