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Due to repeated requests and a keen interest to know more about our jewellery, we have decided to present our current range on these website pages. Our range of jewellery is hand-stamped, ie. each mark on every pendant is put there courtesy of a heavy strike of a hammer.  We do not laser engrave - where is the challenge/talent in that - and recommend that if you want 'perfection', that you purchase an engraved item from a Jeweller. 

The beauty of our hand-stamped products, is that it is 'personal', and is not limited to 'what you see' elsewhere online or in a catalogue.  We take pride in working with our customers in order to fulfil what they are looking for in a personalised piece of jewellery that will be worn by the recipient, gifted, or even passed down to future generations.

We welcome all queries on our jewellery, either by email or telephone.  We are a husband and Wife team and have three children.  Family commitments come first (for Bronte) and Farming/Seasonal work comes first (for Ross). When emailing, please include a contact telephone as this often saves time and numerous emails our end.

We can be found at various markets and venues throughout the year across the Darling Downs, Queensland and we encourage our customers to call in for a cuppa to see our range in person.  We are a pleasant 45 mins drive west from Toowoomba at Pampas, just off the Gore Highway.  Please telephone to arrange a mutually convenient time to visit.

Please also familiarise yourself with our Policies/FAQ as this content will be deemed read and acknowledged by any Purchaser of any item(s) supplied by Yondale Designs.

Warm Regards

Ross & Bronte Harris
November 2015.

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